Hello MIUI Users,
Xiaomi’s MIUI is known for its customization ability in which you can use any MIUI Theme to change the look of your Xiaomi Device anytime you wish. Today I’m going to share a very attractive and delightful MIUI Theme for your Xiaomi Redmi device.

CustomOS v11 MIUI Theme is a pleasing theme which comes with a completely new design and style that will astonish you. This Xiaomi theme features a very clean and decent layout throughout your device. The icons are amazing, notification panel looks beautiful with completely new status bar, Settings looks better and other MIUI apps like Phone, Messages, File manager, Contacts and Volume panels have a similar layout which makes this theme more premium. This Redmi theme is completely free to use and you can easily download it on your Redmi and Mi device with the official Theme Store Link.

Also, CustomOS v11 Mi Theme works perfectly on any Xiaomi device running MIUI 11. Yes, its an MIUI 11 theme that looks pretty cool and works like charm without any problem. If you are looking for either MIUI 10 themes or MIUI 11 themes, then you got it right here. Give your device a refreshing look with CustomOS v11 MIUI 11 Theme. It’s an ideal mix of colors, consistency and probably you may find it as one of the best MIUI Theme for your regular use.

If you love changing Mi themes and want a different look on your device every time then just download CustomOS v11 MIUI mtz theme on your Xiaomi Redmi device running MIUI 10 or MIUI 11 with MIUI 11 Fonts.

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CustomOS v11 MIUI Theme Preview

CustomOS v11 MIUI Theme | MIUI 11 Font

CustomOS v11 MIUI Theme | MIUI 11 Font

Compatibility: MIUI 10 | MIUI 11

Designer : Celio.P

Download Links :

CustomOS v11 MIUI theme mtz

MIUI 11 Font mtz

How to apply MIUI themes on your Xiaomi Redmi phones using MIUI Theme Editor -

  1. Download the mtz theme file from the above link.
  2. Download MIUI Theme editor from Google Play Store - MIUI Theme editor.
  3. Open the MIUI Theme Editor app.
  4. Now select the Browse option and locate the Third Party Theme mtz file.
  5. Select the Start option.
  6. Select the Next option.
  7. Now select the Finish option.
  8. A message will appear to install that theme. Select the Install option.
  9. The theme has been successfully installed. Now, go to the Theme Store and you will see that the third party theme you installed is here. Click on it and Apply it.
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How to Apply MIUI 11 Font any Xiaomi Device -

Download the MIUI 11 font mtz file - Download here.
Now install this App from Play Store - MIUI Custom Font Installer
On the top-right corner you will see a theme icon. Tap on it.
Now locate the MIUI 11 font mtz file and select OK.
Select Install option and then select OK.
Reboot your device now.

  1. Restart your device after applying the theme in case anything is overlapping or not visible properly. This theme has been tested successfully on my Redmi Note 4 and its working perfectly without any issue.
  2. For a better experience, always download the theme from the Official Theme Store of Xiaomi.
I hope you enjoyed the CustomOS v11 MIUI theme and MIUI 11 Font.

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