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Are you tired of the boring and dull look of your phone's interface? Well, HyperOS and MIUI themes open up a world of customization for Xiaomi and Redmi devices, offering an impressive selection that caters to every taste available in the official Mi Theme Store. Here, you can download MIUI themes and we will help you install and customize these themes for the optimal personalization of your smartphone.

HITAM RD is an MIUI and HyperOS compatible theme that offers a seamless user experience and premium design. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to navigate through the various customization options and settings. With this theme, you can completely revamp the appearance of your phone and make it truly unique. If you are looking for themes for MIUI that can give your device a totally refreshing new look and enhance the overall layout, then HITAM RD is the perfect choice for you. Trust me, once you see the stunning visuals and innovative features that this theme offers, you'll never want to go back to boring stock themes again!

Top Features of MIUI and HyperOS Themes

Exploring the best HyperOS themes not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your Xiaomi Redmi device but also significantly uplifts the user experience. Here are some of the top features:

  • Extensive lock screen customization with styles, advanced features, and aesthetics.
  • Updated system app icons that are beautifully crafted with unique designs.
  • Wide variety of choices, whether you want Anime themes, minimal themes, iOS style MIUI themes, dark mode themes, etc.
  • Breath-taking built-in theme wallpapers.
  • Overall UI changes for Dialer, Settings, Messages, and HyperoOS Control Center.

If you like trying out new themes for your device and want a unique look, you can easily download the "HITAM RD" theme for free on your smartphone that runs on MIUI or Xiaomi's HyperOS using the official theme store link.

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Theme Preview

HITAM RD MIUI Theme with Dark Mode



Theme Compatibility: MIUI 12 | MIUI 13 | MIUI 14
Theme Designer: Dani MaulanaYfzz
Theme Size: 20.3Mb

Download Links:

Note: Please turn on Dark Mode and restart your device to enjoy this theme.


Download HITAM RD Theme MTZ File

Guide on Installing MIUI and HyperOS Themes for Global Stable ROMs

Here is a simple and straightforward  guide for the seamless installation of the theme on your smartphone -

  1. In the Download Links section, you will see "OFFICIAL THEME STORE LINK", tap on that.
  2. You will be prompted with the option to open the link.
  3. Select the "Themes" app to open the link.
  4. You will be now redirected to the Theme Store to download the theme.
  5. Now download the theme and apply it.

Guide on Installing MTZ files in Custom ROMs

If you are using a Custom ROM like Xiaomi.eu, MIUIRoom, MIUI SR, HyperOS CN, etc. then here is a step by step installation method for the MTZ theme file -

  1. Download the MTZ file of the theme.
  2. Open the Theme Store app.
  3. Select the Themes option.
  4. Scroll down and you will see the option Import. Click on it.
  5. Select the file manager and locate the .mtz file.
  6. Wait until it imports the theme and then the theme will appear there.
  7. Now click on the theme to apply it.
Important: After applying the theme, please restart your device if you experience any overlapping or visibility issues. Rest assured, this theme has been thoroughly tested and is working flawlessly with no known issues.

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Hyperos and MIUI themes are undoubtedly the top contenders in the world of smartphone customization. With their redefined UI, stunning wallpapers, and seamless user experience, these themes have set the bar high for other competitors. So why settle for a boring interface when you can transform your phone into a personalized masterpiece? Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of customization with the latest Hyperos and MIUI themes only at miuithemez.com!

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