Xiaomi has recently launched the latest version of its custom Android skin - MIUI 12. With each update, MIUI brings some new kinds of stuff and cool features which makes it more popular among the Mi fans and the most lovable feature of MIUI 12 is MIUI 12 Control Center. The MIUI 12 Control Center is the biggest highlight of MIUI 12 and every Xiaomi user wants to check out on their phone. To try MIUI 12 Control Center, you need to have the latest MIUI 12 stable version on your device, but only a few devices like Redmi K20, Redmi Note 8 Pro have received it and it will take some more time to get MIUI 12 update from Xiaomi.

Get MIUI 12 Control Center on All Xiaomi Devices or Any Android Device

If you don't like to wait for MIUI 12 Control Center on your Xiaomi device or if you have any non MIUI based Android device, then your wait is over. Install MIUI 12 Control Center Apk on your Xiaomi Redmi device or any Android device and enjoy the coolest feature of MIUI 12 without even installing MIUI 12 on your device. The new Control Center is kind of similar to the iOS control center in terms of looks with some modifications and new animations, which looks awesome.

By installing a simple apk on your device, you can enable MIUI 12 Control Center as your default notification panel. So, download MIUI 12 Control Center Apk and enjoy it on your Xiaomi Redmi device running MIUI 11, MIUI 10 or any Android device for free.

MIUI 12 Control Center App Preview -

MIUI 12 Control Center Apk

MIUI 12 Control Center Apk

Download MIUI 12 Control Center Apk

How to install MIUI 12 Control Center Apk Perfectly on your device ?

Here, we are going to show you, how you can setup MIUI 12 Control Center on your device without any error or lag issue. Make sure you follow all this simple steps to avoid any such issue and the Control Center app will run perfectly on your device like a charm.
  • Download the latest apk file on your device.
  • Install the apk [enable Unknown source if required].
  • Open the App and give all the permission it requires.
  • Click on Accessibility > More services => Select Mi Control Center => enable Accessibility.
  • Now go back and select Write option => enable Allow modify system settings.
  • Now go back and select Other permissions > Pop-up in background option => enable all option here.
  • Al last, select Notifications option => enable Mi Conter Center: show custom notifications.

Now follow this Most Important steps to avoid the Mi Control Center app from closing.

  • Open your Recent Menu (By pressing the Recent Key)
  • Tap and hold on Mi Control Center App.
  • You will see a Lock option. Lock the app so that it can keep running even if you clean the recents.

Now, how to access MIUI 12 Control Center ?

  • Swipe down from Top-Right corner to Open the Control Center.
  • Swipe down from anywhere else to open the Notification panel.
Note: You can adjust the swipe area in app control.

How to get Blur Background in Mi Control Center ?

  • Open the Mi Control Center app.
  • Select the Colors option.
  • Now select the Background type => Live Blur option and click on OK.
  • Now you will have exactly same Control Center as MIUI 12 have.
Note: You can further customize the app to look more attractive and match your theme by opening the app.

Once you have setup all these things, you can enjoy the MIUI 12 Control Center on any Android device either running MIUI or Stock Android.
Tip: Always download the latest version of the Mi Control Center Apk as it may some new features, bug fixes and performance improvement.

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