The latest version of Xiaomi's custom Android is unveiled in a launch event on May 19. MIUI 12 brings lots of new features, revamped UI, new gesture controls, new improvements and bugs fixed. MIUI 12 to be rolled out in China to some Xiaomi phones but later it will be available Globally to most of the devices. If you are a Redmi, Poco or Mi phone owner then soon you will be able to enjoy the most popular custom Android skin MIUI 12 on your phone.

Best MIUI 12 Themes Collection for MIUI 12 Devices

Lets talk about the cool features that MIUI 12 offers -

  • Dark Mode 2.0
  • New System Visual Designs
  • Super Wallpapers (3D Earth and Mars Live Wallpaper)
  • New System Animations
  • New Gestures based on Android 10
  • New Control Center Notification Panel

With the release of MIUI 12 closed beta ROMs, some theme designers have developed MIUI 12 themes for the devices running the latest MIUI 12. These MIUI 12 themes will change the look of your device and let you experience completely revamped UI. These Redmi themes looks so beautiful that they will enhance your overall user experience and make your device look different from the regular one.

If you are bored with your regular theme then just don't worry, we have got the best collection of MIUI 12 themes that can be downloaded and used for absolutely free. We have gathered some of the cool MIUI 12 themes to personalise your device, make it cool and attractive. The list of MIUI 12 Themes includes a variety of themes so that, you can choose a theme that suits your mood and you can switch to another theme whenever you wish.

List of Best MIUI 12 Themes -

1. iOS 14.1 dual mode v12

iOS 14.1 dual mode v12 MIUI 12 Theme

Designer : Costantino 


BACK MIUI 12 Theme

Designer : Rafael Henrique

Official Theme Store Link


3. Colorful Place

Colorful Place MIUI 12 Theme

4. Beach OS

Beach OS MIUI 12 Theme

Designer : Rafael Henrique

Official Theme Store Link

Beach OS MIUI Theme MTZ File

5. Chip v12

Chip v12 MIUI 12 Theme

6. Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 MIUI 12 Theme

Designer : Laura2014

Official Theme Store Link

Google Pixel 4 MIUI Theme MTZ File

7. Realiox 13 Dual

Realiox 13 Dual MIUI 12 Theme


ZERO MIUI 12 Theme

9. Morphing v12

Morphing v12 MIUI 12 Theme

10. Fantasia

Fantasia MIUI 12 Theme

How to Install MIUI 12 Themes - 

If you are using custom MIUI 12 Roms then you can easily install this MIUI 12 theme without the need of downloading any App. Follow the steps below to install theme -
  1. Download the MIUI 12 mtz theme file.
  2. Open the Theme Store app.
  3. Select the Themes option.
  4. Scroll down and you will see an option Import. Click on it.
  5. Select the file manager and locate the MIUI 12 mtz file.
  6. Wait until it imports the theme and then the theme will appear there.
  7. Now click on theme to apply it.

How to apply MIUI themes on your Xiaomi Redmi phones using MIUI Theme Editor -
  1. Download the mtz theme file from the above link.
  2. Download MIUI Theme editor from Google Play Store - MIUI Theme editor.
  3. Open the MIUI Theme Editor app.
  4. Now select the Browse option and locate the Third Party Theme mtz file.
  5. Select the Start option.
  6. Select the Next option.
  7. Now select the Finish option.
  8. A message will appear to install that theme. Select the Install option.
  9. The theme has been successfully installed. Now, go to the Theme Store and you will see that the third party theme you installed is here. Click on it and Apply it.

  • Restart your device after applying the theme so that, complete changes can take place.
  • The list of MIUI 12 Theme has been Updated on 06-Jul-2020.
For more MIUI 12 Themes, visit here - All MIUI 12 Themes

I hope you enjoyed the best MIUI 12 Themes on your Xiaomi Redmi Devices.


  1. Hola, tengo Xiaomi eu miui 12, cuando quiero importar el tema que descargue no me deja seleccionarlo, no aparece si está comprimido, y cuando lo descomprimo no se selecciona solo abre las carpetas internas.

    1. Make sure you have downloaded the " .mtz " file only.
      Open Themes app => My accounts => Themes => go down and select import option => import the mtz file.

    2. Los archivos que bajé tienen la extención "". Borra el ".zip" desde el gestor de archivos editando si nombre. Guarda el cambio y ya podrás importarlo en el gestor de temas!

    3. I have checked all the links. If you get ".zip" file then just refresh the page and re-download the file. The file must be in ".mtz" extension only.

  2. It doesn't work. It always download as .zip, so the only work around is to change the file extension deleting at the end of the name, leaving the new name ending in .mtz

    Hope it helps.

    1. New Google Drive links are added. Please try downloading from google drive now.

    2. Rename it, just delete de ".zip" from the name.

  3. theme is crashing again and again

    1. The list has been update with official Theme Store Link.

  4. What about the theme on your header? Is there really a theme like that?

    1. Yes, it's "Khalifa - Line Ui". It will be added as soon as it is available on Theme Store.

  5. cant apply done importing ;( how to fix

    1. Use official Theme Store Link. If you are using any Custom ROM, make sure it supports third party themes.

  6. I need this download link please

    1. Download links are give below each theme. Please check it again.

  7. when i apply the theme from the theme store link it doesnt change at all, what can i do?

    1. This themes are working on MIUI 12 Global Stable Roms. Try to delete and install the theme again and restart your device.


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