Xiaomi has launched its latest custom Android skin MIUI 11 for almost all the Xiaomi Devices. Since most of the devices are now running on MIUI 11, you might be looking for best MIUI 11 themes to try on your newly MIUI 11 devices. So, presenting the top 10 MIUI 11 themes for all Xiaomi Redmi Devices.

Best MIUI 11 Themes for Xiaomi Redmi Devices | Top 10 MIUI Themes

Customizing the look of your device with MIUI themes, is the most lovable feature given by the Xiaomi to its smartphones users. I mean who doesn't love to change the look of their device with just simple download and apply option. Not only this, we get thousands of themes, which can be changed and apply anytime we wish. You might have definitely tried some MIUI 11 themes but its really harsh to find the Mi Theme that suits your mood and change the device look accordingly. But you need not to worry anymore, you are the right destination if you are truly seeking the best MIUI themes.

These MIUI 11 themes offers you complete UI changes including status bar, notification panel, wallpapers, lockscreen, settings, icon pack and some themes also supports WhatsApp theming. You can download these MIUI 11 themes for free with the direct Theme Store Link. The list includes all type of themes like Dark theme, iOS theme, Stock Android theme, best icons theme and are most loved themes on Official Mi Theme Store. I hope you will find one of theme as your favorite theme out of these MIUI 11 theme collection. This unique collection of MIUI 11 themes will definitely going to amaze you and you will find worth using these themes.

Note: These themes are tested on my Redmi Note 4 running MIUI 11 and are working 100% without any issue or error. These are official MIUI themes, no third party theme included.

List of Top 10 MIUI 11 Themes -

1. Navy Blue

If you are looking for a classy and premium theme, then Navy Blue MIUI Theme can be your best choice. It's a very cool, attractive and decent theme with Blue layout.

Navy Blue MIUI Theme

Designer : Rafael Henrique

Download : Theme Store Link

2. iOS Premium Magic

iOS Premium Magic MIUI Theme is the best iOS theme that you can try. Apart from iOS feature like statusbar, lockscreen, iOS notification panel, it has a very cool gradient finish with classic icons.

The Best iOS 10 MIUI 11 Theme for All Xiaomi Devices

Designer : color

Download : Theme Store Link

3. Blue and Grey

Blue and Grey MIUI Theme is one the most decent looking theme for those who don't like too many designs on their smartphone. It has a consistent Blue layout with one of the best icon pack.

The Most Beautiful MIUI 11 Theme - Blue and Grey MIUI Theme

Designer : Rafael Henrique

Download : Theme Store Link

4. Lavender v11

If you want a completely different look then you must try Lavender v11 MIUI Theme.  It's a very unique theme which offers you a white and purple layout with gradient look.

Lavender v11 [Updated] MIUI 11 Theme

Designer : Xhaka Ciruas

Download : Theme Store Link

5. One UI Dark 2.0

Experience the Samsung's One UI on your device with One UI Dark MIUI Theme. Complete Samsung look and feel including Icons, wallpapers, notification panel, settings and much more.

One UI 2.0 Dark MIUI Theme

Designer : S21696

Download : Theme Store Link

6. Pixel Experience Dual

Want a complete Stock Android look, then just try Pixel Experience Dual MIUI Theme. Make your device look like Mi A3 (Android One Device). This is so far one of the best Stock Android theme for your Xiaomi Device.

Pixel Experience Dual Theme for Mi A3 Look

Designer : Fardus Ahmed

Download : Theme Store Link


Another classy theme with premium look and feel. If you want a theme that you don't need to change frequently then BACK MIUI Theme is what you are looking for.

BACK MIUI Theme | Clean and Decent Mi Theme

Designer : Rafael Henrique

Download : Theme Store Link

8. Blue and Dark

A Premium Blue theme with nice looking icons and notification panel. It also offers premium look with a cool wallpaper.

Blue And Dark v11 MIUI Theme

Designer : FrankRdz

Download : Theme Store Link

9. Baymax v11

Baymax inspired MIUI theme with amazing white and orange UI. It has a totally different lockscreen, icons and other layouts. For a different look, you must try Baymax v11 MIUI Theme.

Baymax v11 MIUI Theme

Designer : Doodle ART

Download : Theme Store Link

10. Aypon Distri

Aypon Distri is cool purple looking theme with decent icons. It has a gradient purple finishing, a different lockscreen and other layouts are purple themed as well.

Aypon Distri MIUI 11 Theme

Designer : Addam L Sumitra

Download : Theme Store Link

I hope you enjoyed the best MIUI 11 themes collections on your devices. Change the look of your device everyday with these beautiful themes.


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