Poco Launcher was initially released with Xiaomi's flagship smartphone POCO F1. With amazing features, POCO F1 has the brand new POCO Launcher which is different than the traditional MIUI Launcher. Yes, it brought the most awaited feature for all the MIUI Users, that is, swipe to open app drawer. Since the launch of MIUI System Launcher, every Xiaomi user has to either swipe left or right to go through the apps, that means you can not see all the apps on the same page. The more apps you install, more you need to find them on different pages. With lots of apps, Swipe up feature to open App Drawer come in very handy. So, Xiaomi introduced POCO Launcher which enables users to Swipe up and open the app drawer where the user can find all the apps at one place. User can scroll up or down to navigate the apps.

Poco launcher 2.0 Download and Review

The main drawback here is that POCO Launcher is only available for POCO F1 user. Even many users try to install POCO Launcher apk which was ported to it. To solve this issue, Xiaomi officially released POCO Launcher on Google Play Store so that everyone useit. Now, the Xiaomi users have to choices and they switch between the default Mi launcher and POCO Launcher, its totally upto their choices. Since many users gave positive response to POCO Launcher, Xiaomi introduces new updates, features and stability to the POCO Launcher. In mid 2019, a new version of POCO Launcher 2.0 is released officially on Google Play Store which comes with numerous new feature and new look.

Features that POCO Launcher 2.0 offers -

  • Fast, Light Weight and Minimalist Design.
  • Compatible with all the Android devices (non-Xiaomi devices also).
  • App Drawer with Categories and App search option to manage apps.
  • Support third party icon packs from Play Store and Wallpapers.
  • Dark Mode available.
  • Customise the layout of App Drawer and Home Scree.
  • Double tap to lock the screen.
  • Hide app icons option available.

Screenshots -

POCO launcher 2.0
POCO launcher 2.0

So, if you want above feature in fast and smooth launcher then you must try POCO Launcher 2.0 on your android device. Download the Latest Version of POCO Launcher 2.0 with the official Google Play Store Link below -


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