MIUI 10 Recent UI (app) is the best UI if we compare it with other Recent UI of different Custom UIs. The reason being simple, it has vertical scrolling that can show you maximum 6 apps at time which no other recent app can do. Initially, Stock Android (Oreo) has a better UI that can show you more apps and also some other OS recent ui can show you in form of cards but MIUI show you full view of apps in recent which lacks in any other. It also has a Clear all button in the center to clear memory.

Here is a look of MIUI 10 Recent app - 

MIUI 10 Recent ui

Recent UI in latest MIUI 10 comes with options present on the top like Cleaner, Security scan, Find apps and Manage apps which let you directly open these apps and access these features. 
But honestly, I have never used these options till now because I never feel any need for these extra options. 

So, if you also like the Recent ui without options then you can disable them. How ? Just follow these simple steps to disable the Recent ui options in MIUI 10 -

  1. Press and hold the Recent Button on your device until System launcher settings appear (you can also do it by tap and hold in empty space of your screen ).

    disable options in Recent UI of MIUI 10

  2. You will see 3 option Wallpapers, Widgets and Settings. Select the Setting option.

    disable options in Recent UI of MIUI 10

  3. Select More.

  4. You will see last option as Show suggestions. Disable it.

    disable options in Recent UI of MIUI 10

  5. Done. Now you will have clear Recent UI which looks better in my opinion.

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